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MAS Katy Relief for Hurricane Harvey 2017

Key Resources and Information

Important Links for Aid including Federal. Clickable.

Aid Request through MAS Katy

Federal Assistance - choose the option called Disaster Relief

FEMA App, available for Apple, Android, and Blackberry mobile devices.

How Do I File My Flood Claim?

Disaster Relief from the Texas Association of Realtors

No Flood Insurance? See details on how to apply

1. Register with FEMA (

Get in line now. Don't wait until the storm passes.

2. File for the Disaster Assistance and Emergency Relief Program (,
and file your Publication 547 form (Publication 547 (2016), Casualties, Disasters, and Thefts

with the IRS. Both of these programs allow for residents to write off their losses via taxes, and even refile your most recent taxes, thus potentially getting an unexpected refund, something that could go a long way in recovery.

3. Apply for the Disaster Legal Services Program (
Through this program, the government provides legal services to lower-income individuals. This can help when seeking insurance claims, dealing with contractors and home repairs, etc. A huge benefit.

4. Apply for Rebuild Houston Together (,
a group that helps senior citizens rebuild their homes.

5. See if you belong to a group that is a member of the Tool Bank (…/first-time-borrowers/),
a group that brings much needed tools to a disaster area. Note you must be a part of one of their member orgs, such as a church or other charity, including neighborhood associations.

6. Apply for assistance with Team Rubicon (
a group that specializes in helping gut homes damaged by disaster so that trade professionals can come in and get the job done faster and cheaper.

7. Work through the options at (
Links found on this site will streamline some of the other steps, e.g. FEMA application.


Information found in this reddit thread:…/no_flood_insurance_here_are_some_…/

Publication 547 (2016), Casualties, Disasters, and Thefts

FEMA Advice (Experience shared by someone impacted by flood)

FEMA advice-The FEMA adjuster made it to my parents house. I wanted to share somethings we learned for those of you who are waiting on FEMA or for those who are helping someone cleanup and that person may file a claim.
1. You cannot cut more than 2 feet of Sheetrock until the adjuster shows up
2. The waterline on the walls must be visible (do not cut above the water line if it's less than 2 feet)
3. You can remove flooring, but you must leave a section of flooring in each room
4. Any furniture you are going to make a claim for must stay in the house
5. Any item you are going to make a claim for cannot be thrown away. It must be kept so the adjuster can look at it, touch it, see it
6. The pictures you take of the items in which you are going to make a claim for has to be horizontal (due to their computer program) 🙄
7. When you take a picture, it must show the water damage, the brand of the item and if possible the model number
8. Don't leave claim items out in the elements. You have to show you took steps to preserve the item. Right now we have things in garbage bags with a tarp over it. The adjuster didn't seem to have a problem with it
9. You will be sent a spreadsheet that contains the following fields-item, quantity, brand, serial number, item description, item age, room, item condition, cost to replace (pre-tax)

For Community Medical services (Free)

1. Dr Sonober Umair/Ped: 347-866-6914

2. Saba Memon/psyc: 281-691-4423

3 . Free emergency clinic camp has been established for any medical issues with doctor available on site.

Address: Medistop Clinic 11211 Hwy 6 South Sugarland TX 77498

Intersection of Hwy 6 n West Airport

For information cal 281.686.9635

For Clean-up and construction Services:

Click here to request clean up help with MAS Katy Volunteers

1. Brother Aamir-Construction: 832-903-7577

2. Intesar Ahmed-clean up: 713-933-5859

3. Khlefa Esaklul-Construction: 832-659-3824

Temporary 3-5 day emergency shelter

Food & supplies

Restaurant links

1. Curry House in Cypress providing free food for 50 to 100 ppl in a short notice and more as needed,  if anyone wants to come and pickup @The curry house 10728 cypresscreek pkwy 77070 contact 713 725 9805

2. If anyone needs help evacuating pls update this group or call universal volunteers grp on any of these phone #s Prasad 281-685-8016,Arvind - 650-619-7563, Vasu- 281-253-0085, Sankar- 832-276-9175, Kb-518-505-8484

3. Biryani Express in Pearland can give food packets- Nishanth +1 (281) 707-9574

4. Mattress Mac of Gallery Furniture announced he is opening his I45 store and Grand Parkway store for folks to come stay, if needed. Including their pets! Such a nice gesture to make a difference while Houston is in need.

5. Deep Foods is providing free gift hampers (Juices, Cookies and Diyas/Candles) at Biryani Pot Katy location or at Swagath Groceries, Katy after 3 pm on 8/27. Thanks to Umang Mehta.

6. Folks - please feel free to reach out Dr Minni Malhotra for free medical consultation at 606-854-2551.

7. Hyderabad restaurant in woodlands is providing free food for those affected by this storm. Please spread this word so people will be benefited. First come First served basis. .@+1 (361) 815-0166 Chandramouli

7. Masala Radio is on and broadcasting live. They will be announcing all this helpful information for anyone in need. Thx to everyone who is providing food, shelter information, and necessary contacts. They have a hummer that can travel in 3 foot water. Anyone needs help to evacuate and u cant get out because of high water, plz let them know. This will probably be the best use of the Masala Hummrr yet. Plz txt me me and some of my masala crew are ready to come. Contact Sunil Thakkar 2812776874 or text 7135451595

8. Universal Bakery and Biryani, Katy proving accommadation and food in their party hall for the community members impacted by the storm in Katy. Please dont abuse it. Address: 27131 Cinco Ranch Blvd Ste:900, Katy, TX 77494. Contact Surya Anakala @ 732 447 5886 for more details.

8. Does anyone need, dry food, cooked meal  🥘 lunch or diner for day or two , milk  🍼 or water ? we will try our best to deliver for free. Pls call or text Dinesh Purohit 732 593 9650, from Cafe India & Bollywood Chowpaty Chaat, Sugar Land.

9. Biryani Pot Katy location is offering free food for those in need around Katy/Fulshear/Richmond/Rosenberg area, please call Vijay +1 (610) 714-2123 restaurant is open all day...please pass on this message to friends and neighbors..

Tax tips

Pratik Shah CPA, CFA

Offering free CPA service

As Houstonians leave their homes & belongings taking only their most loved possessions of family everyone has one thing in mind how will we rebuild.

Please share if you feel anyone can use this additional info.

1. Will my homeowners insurance pay for damage to my home? Homeowners insurance will pay for tornado damages subject to wind & hail deductible. There were over 150 tornados over houston & quite a few families will find respite in this.

2. Will my flood insurance cover my losses? Every Houstonian who has lived through previous floods can understand the importance of flood insurance. They will pay you upto ($250,000 for building repairs & $100,000 for belongings) for max policy if purchased.

3. What if I don't have flood insurance? President has declared 13 counties around houston as disaster zones & you can file you're claim on Take ample pictures before beginning any repair work or wait for an adjuster to evaluate damages prior to starting work. There is no ceiling or income limits to get relief for building damage. They will pay you any amount not covered by the insurance company. For lower income groups they also cover the lodging & boarding expense while you're property is being built up. If you're in the middle or higher income slabs you can get an SBA loan for belongings & lodging.

4. Funds received as grants from disaster recover, FEMA or insurance are not taxable income. Additionally if any furniture, belongings or other items lost are disallowed by insurance companies. You can claim these amounts as casualty loss if you live in one of the disaster areas. Usually personal items are not allowed but this is a special case item for IRS tax code.

5. If you have a business that's destroyed in disaster are or suffered casualty loss there are multiple options available.

6. If you have a rental property which suffers a loss there are multiple options.

7. If you're main home is in disaster area & you're appraisal value of home after repairs is lower than the value before repairs you could have some reprieve under the IRS tax code or defer gains under certain circumstances. You can refer to publication 547 (main home loss under federally declared disaster) or consult you're CPA.

If anyone needs assistance please feel free to reach out via email I will donate 7 hours per week of my service for a year for any family affected by the disaster who has lost their homes get back whatever options they have to rebuild their lives. If any other CPAs would like to donate their services please join the team.

Pratik Shah CPA, CFA